Adventures of Bundida for iPad

If you liked the App “Adventure Christmas” you will love “Adventures of Bundida”


★★ Adventures of Bundida ★★

Visit the fantastic world of a tiny bunny which is on the way to rescue her friends and to rob and defeat the bad guys.

Bundida is a complete new game experience for your mobile device

It will include:

✓ 35 missions with story elements on many different locations and always changing challenges

✓ a minigame mode where you have to collect all the sweet candies as a competition with your friends Arturito the bunny, Pepe the parrot and Puppi the funny Ninja penguin from “Adventure Christmas”

✓ a fully implemented facebook connection which allows you to share new stories and unlock hidden movies directly to your facebook wall

✓ many different friends and enemies, secret items and hidden treasures to find

✓ try to beat the highscore by completing the missions faster

✓ try to collect all gold medals by collecting all items in each level

✓ share achieved medals and scores on your facebook wall as well

Bundida provides you hours of fun, mystery and excitement without the use of many words, which makes it a perfect game for children and adults.

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