Adventure Man: The Flying Hero – by Free Top Hat Games

What’s that sound? What’s that noise?! Do I hear an F-14 fighter jet going over?

NO! That’s just your friendly neighborhood Adventure Man saving the day! (again)

In Adventure Man: The Flying Hero, you will be navigating the worlds best hero as he fights off evil villans, cyber sea gulls and more.

Play as Adventure Man or his Unicorn friend. And now including the playable… DARK ANGEL!


– Play as 3 super hero characters including Unico, the Unicorn with a frog friend on his back (Why, because WHY NOT!)

– Fight evil villans by shooting your superhero laser beam at blinding speeds

– Gamecenter support! Challenge your friends and get the highest points. Going OLD SCHOOL!

– Fly over the city while collecting coins and money to unlock more players… including the typically unhappy (slightly emo, if you will) DARK ANGEL

Grab it now for the super expensive price of… just kidding, it’s FREE!

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