Advanced Mulan's Chinese Medical Lite

Advance Mulan’s Chinese Medical Lite v1.0.2:
Upgraded to support iOS5.0
Opened 2 more cities and 8 more levels to play
Fixed the crash problem
Tuned for better performance


The seasonal “Mulan’s Chinese Medical” integrated the Chinese New Year features.

RED RED RED!! You can feel the happiness in MOST traditional CHINESE festival.

Update is free!!! And, you can joy the unique Chinese New Year happiness.

Seasonal Decorations:
Red Packets
New year Papercutting
New Year Scrolls

Mulan’s Chinese Medical is the best time and tasks management game. Helping Mulan to run the Chinese Medical center to take care of the customer’s health. The featured Chinese medical services including Foot Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Medicine, give you fun and exciting experience you ever have.

Come to enjoy the addictive fun, and learn about the Chinese tradition.

How To Play?? Easy!!

1. DRAG a customer to the service area based on a balloon on its head.
2. CLICK on the customer, then Mulan will run to serve it.


* Enjoy the Lite version and buy the FULL version for full fun

Foot Massage
Time and task management
MANY MANY Chinese medical mini service

** We enable more levels for free in this Lite version. Comes to enjoy it.

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