Adrenaline Dune Buggy Racer : Nitro Injected Desert Racing


★★★★★ “Fun and challenging game. Very nice graphics!” – Flyboy 777 7

★★★★★ “Out of all the car-hill-jump type of games this is my favorite. This one gets huge air. Get it!!” – Koi cap

★★★★★ “Awesome graphics. Great game. Easy to play. Love it. Gets more challenging as you go up through the levels.” – trinigianetti

★★★★★ “Love it! A lot of levels to explore:)” – ViperoneF16

★★★★★ “I feel the need for speed! Download Dune Buggy and hit the nitro. Fast and fun.” – Bob Mahan

★★★★★ “Very nice graphics and sounds. The game starts off easy enough for your kids to learn and then gets more challenging. A gotta have for long car rides” – jnmip

★★★★★ “Love this game! So much fun!” – Gcbe145

★★★★★ “Super fun Buggy Racers!” – Ren5345

* The above quotes are actual iTunes 5-star reviews from our users.


You’re a professional adrenaline hooked Dune Buggy Racer addicted to dominating the sand dunes in the latest Desert Storm Meet. You pump up the music and hit the pedal in your custom designed, nitro-injected sand dune buggy. Each buggy has been designed to meet the harsh desert conditions and features a sand proof cabin, advanced dynamic lift suspension and nitro boost propulsion! :)

The awesome graphics and realistic gameplay will make you drive over these awesome sand dunes time and time again. With Game Center integration, you can check how you’re doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game consists of 35 levels that progressively get harder. Don’t be fooled by how easy the first few levels are. Wait until you hit the professional driver levels around the level 7 mark. Your skill and patience will be tested to the max! If you liked physics games like Tiny Wings, you will definitely love this game.

So select your dune buggy, fasten your seatbealts and get ready to power over these sand dunes against a beautiful hot desert landscape. Get to the finish line as fast as you can in the alloted time for each level and collect as many coins as you can along the way for a higher score.

– 35 challenging sand dune levels going from easy to total extreme
– Race against the clock
– Gather as many tyres along the way for additional points
– 5 different dune buggy models (Yellow 4×4, Hot Rod, High Tech, Hot Rod, Prestige, Compact)
– Unlimited power-ups and level skips available
– Awesome graphics and physics
– Addicting game play
– Great sound effects and motivational sports music
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Turn on/off music and sound effects

To get speed simply press and hold your finger on the screen when going downhill and release when going uphill. Sounds easy, but there is definitely a strategy required in order to make it across all the sand dunes in the allotted time.

Feedback and game improvements are always welcomed! Send your feedback to or visit us on Facebook at

Besure to login to GAME CENTER so that your high score will be posted.

Have Fun!

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