Addition & Multiplication Number Bubbles

☆ This app contains two games–Addition and Multiplication(base on Chinese Multiplication Table).
☞ Addition:Select number bubbles whose sum is equal to the target number.
☞ Multiplication:Select two number bubble whose product is equal to the target number.

☆ There are three game mode in each game.
☞ Time Mode:Get as many points as possible in a limited time.
☞ Survival Mode:Be careful!!! If you make a certain number of mistakes, game over.
☞ Child Mode:Time mode with more time and lower difficulty

☞ Two Games
☞ Three Game Modes
☞ Game Center Integration
☞ Beautiful HD Graphics
☞ Extra Points for Combo
☞ Share with Friends via Email,SMS,Facebook or Twitter
☞ Customizing Game Background

♡♡♡HAPPY FUN!!!♡♡♡

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