Addicta Kicks


The ultimate free kick game! Experience the glory of scoring the perfect goal!

Can you beat the keeper to progress to the next level?

Simple and addicting gameplay that takes time to master. Use skill and timing to beat the keeper from different angles.

Take note of the height of your shot, your aim, curve and the wind velocity to outsmart the goalkeeper.

As you fine tune your skills the keeper gets smarter and sharper, and defenders get tighter.

Warning: Seriously Addictive!


– Full 3D physics engine allows you to precisely craft your kicks with height, direction and swerve.

– Relive the experience with replays and save your favourite goals to show your friends!

– Realistic wind. Use the wind to your advantage to craft your perfect free kick.

– Very simple to play, just tap to control your kick.

– Take penalties. Penalties are awarded when luck is on your side!

– Increasing difficulty.

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