Add Champ

★ Top3 Free App in Korea
★ Top1 Board & Educational Game in Korea
★ Top2 Educational Game (Dominica)

Add Champ is an easy and fun game.
Solve the given addition problems as fast as you can.
Students need to play Add Champ to practice mathematics.
You can improve your mathematical ability by playing Add Champ.

Add Champ features:
– 3 difficulties.(Easy, Normal, Hard)
– Score Attack Mode.
– Game Center is available. Challenge the world champion!!
– Check your grade.
(Ameba, Puppy, Chimp, Dolphin, Human, Alien, Calculator)
– Facebook supports, post to your wall.
(Let people challenge to your record.)
– Badge collection. Click to see badge details.
– Retina display supports.

Improve your IQ via Add Champ!!!

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