Adagio: The Musical Touch for Kids

Adagio is a musical app designed to increase your child’s interest in music. They will learn playing through an attractive and colorful layout, at the musical rhythm of the train.

*** Reviews for Adagio: The Musical Touch for Kids ***

“Cute and colourful musical app for toddlers and young children that is fun and helps them to learn the musical notes and scale” –


* Retina Display and iPhone 5 support.
* Great animal sounds for each musical note.
* Different instruments to choose.
* Two notation systems: Do, Re, Mi and C, D, E.
* Original layout.
* Intuitive and simple design.
* Entertainment for kids and parents.


* Designed to learn and enjoy the best children’s songs aboard the musical train of animals.
* Includes 15 wonderful songs for kids.


* Designed to play your own songs and practice the songbook.
* Multitouch support for a better experience.

If you want to try Adagio: The Musical Touch for Kids, download the Lite version of the game.

More info:

*** For a better game experience, turn off Multitasking Gestures in Settings/General app in your iPad. ***

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