Ada's Fashion Show

Ada’s preparing for a fashion show!
Help her get ready in time and make the show a big success!


(continued from Ada’s Hospital…)

As time passed, Ada’s Hospital was recognized as not only the best in the city, but as one of the top in the world. Thrilled with her success but also tired from work, Ada decided to treat herself to a long vacation with a first stop in New York City.

While shopping on Fifth Avenue one day, she was pleasantly surprised to run into her high school friend, Jack. He was getting ready to put on a major fashion show, but had yet to find a backstage manager and was beginning to worry.

Remembering Ada’s excellent work as chief editor of their high school newspaper, Jack knew she would be a perfect fit for the job.

Ada agreed, and just like that, a vacation turned into a fashion show, and Ada embarked on a brand new career…


✓ 4 Different Countries
✓ 40 Exciting Levels
✓ 7 Fun Mini-Games
✓ Glamorous Catwalk
✓ A New Chapter in Ada’s Story
✓ 40 Unique Outfits
✓ 8 Beautiful Hair Styles
✓ 20 Stunning Photo Sets



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