Ad Libs! It’s better than [noun] – ON SALE NOW!

Ad Libs for the iPhone is [Positive Exclamation]!
Now you can do Ad Libs while you are in a [vehicle]
or even under a [noun] while you [verb]!

Create your own wacky stories with the many Ad Libs
in this funky application. Read them aloud for the
best laughs! You don’t need to worry about running
out of Ad Libs either, as new ones are downloaded
every WEEK – right into your application! Plus you can
create your own Ad Libs! Hours and hours of wholesome, good-for-all-ages fun!

Ad Libs is great for the following:
* Having fun with your friends
* Family get-togethers or reunions
* Long (or short!) road-trips
* Birthday Parties
* Hundreds of other occasions!

Get Ad Libs today for a reduced rate and get FREE
upgrades forever!

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