Action Virtual Hoops

Action Virtual Hoops is the latest creation from Kronos Games Online, the team that brought you Action Bowling and Sheep Launcher.

Tired of tossing a wad of paper into a waste basket? Then play Action Virtual Hoops and test your skills against 50 level of frantic progressive gameplay. Choose Speed Mode then set your time and see how well you perform under timed pressure. Not ready for the big league? Play with Practice Mode. Create your own motion path for the backboard and practice like the pros.

•50 levels of progressive gameplay
•Speed Mode – Set you time limit then see how many baskets you can make before time runs out
•Practice Mode – Drag the backboard around and animate your own motion path for those tricky shots
•Full iTunes music integration – Jam to you own playlist or tunes while playing the game
•12 custom basketballs to choose from
•Full stats tracking for Progressive Mode and Speed Mode
•Full 3D environment
•State-of-the-art 3D physics

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