Action Stations : 3D Space Mission

Space is uniquely suitable only for those who dare defy Natures laws. It provides you with ample space for you to gather your thoughts against the supremeness of everything.

In this Solar System the focus is the blue green planet called Earth and a space station orbiting it called Alt-PA 9 a man is nearby floating around collecting orders from his superiors as he attempts what can only be described as a last attempt.

A few others have tried before but the heat of the action proved too much. They are all similar though in underestimating the significance of what they are trying to achieve.

Back on Earth it was a routine common to every astronaut but here now with this strange set of circumstances it was to become one mans suffering or possibily that of the rest of the worlds.

Earth is orbited by 18 Russian space stations.
These provide the platform for space travel.

Each Russian station has malfunctioned and is operating in a lower orbit than usual. Hence gravity is affecting you slightly but not the ships. These old russian space stations are built in a different era.
Your mission is to teleport aboard and reach the space craft at the other end.

Destroy the meteors before they hit the ship.

This will then override the ships computer. Restoring the orbit of the space station.

Reaching the space craft at the end will also mean immediate teleportation to the next space station.

3D Hi Definition entertainment with beautiful vistas. Blurring the boundary between art and gaming.

18 Levels
High Definition graphics
Amazing Animation
Physics Engine style puzzles
Different music to each level
Easy to use Controls
Amazing Views could be Pics of the year!
Overhead view button
Avoid the meteors

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