Action Mouse

Action Mouse is a worldwide and funny action game with exciting and satisfying Mouse carnage! Become the ultimate ninja slaughter mouse with every dart. Swipe up across the screen to hateful mouse being a true ninja warrior. The addictive game play will keep you coming back for even higher scores. Action Mouse includes bonus items, and surely you will have a lot of fun.

Action Mouse 是一款刺激好玩、容易上手却教人難以放手的動作遊戲,玩家將會在遊戲中扮演一個專業的殺手忍者,用鋒利的飛標攻擊各種老鼠,拯救美味的糖果。只需將手指掃過屏幕,就能像忍者戰士般痛快地放出飛標攻擊貪吃老鼠。注意要善用遊戲中的獎賞,可能令有意外的驚喜啊!

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