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App Store Matures as Adult App is Approved for Sale

Time was, industry analysts aplenty were willing to back Toshiba’s HD-DVD format because it had the initial backing of the adult entertainment industry. Blu-ray, some claimed, was doomed, because the future of video decided purely on folks’ ability to get their jollies with an HD-DVD player in their homes. That turned out well, didn’t it? Now, it’s the iPhone’s turn to claim adult industry support.

The appearance of adult content on any format is bound to steal a few headlines. While Action Babes by studio Outbound City isn’t exactly what you’d describe as “hardcore” (it’s a simple video mini-game, where players instruct two partially clothed girls to perform one of 42 possible commands) the reaction of the developer upon getting its game approved by Apple after an initial rejection has got a few people’s ganders up.

A scene from Action Babes.

On its website, Outbound City has published an open letter to Apple regarding the hoops it feels it’s been forced to jump through just to get its app on the App Store. In the letter, the developer compares topless scenes that were banned in the first submitted version of Action Babes to the movie American Pie, currently sold via iTunes and featuring breasts in full view.

‘We created an app with some silly comedy scenes, with a bit of malice maybe. The most exposed is a topless [scene] like in the movies we mentioned, but nothing that can be considered obscene or pornographic as in violation of Section 3.3.14 from the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement,’ the developer wrote.

‘Are there two scales to evaluate apps and movies? Isn’t the auto-evaluation confusing for the app producers? We believe that at this time a lot of developers are wasting time and money since the introduction of the parental controls and this is Apple’s responsibility.’

No love lost there, then. Action Babes remains something of a first for the App Store, though those with jailbroken iPhones have had a greater selection on the adult front. Jailbroken phones can play Jiggles by MyIrection (get it?) which lets players use the accelerometer to jiggle a pair of animated breasts around, while iBrate has one function and one function only-‘“ to turn your phone into a vibrator.