Join a table at Aces and try your hand at a purer form of modern poker. We’re not playing for real money, just play chips, poker skill and ego here.
Aces is a slicker alternative, stripped of the typical poker App clutter and distraction. Focus on your game.
Intuitive gesture driven game play against your friends elevates Aces above the competition.
Free daily chips means it’s always free to play the tables.
Currently playing Texas Hold’em poker – more formats are in the pipeline.
Requires a 3G/4G or WiFi connection to play.
Game Center support.


A new fast-paced line drawing game. Use your finger to plot flight paths for you squadron of A.C.E.S. and clear the skies of enemy planes!

* The game features three challenging stages, powerful airplanes to unlock, and boss battles!

* Use your Game Center account to participate in global leaderboards and compare scores with your friends.

* Supports multitasking and high resolution graphics on compatible devices.

Start your propellers, Ladies and Gentlemen, and take control of the skies!

———- HINTS ———-

- Double tap your planes for a short speed boost!

- End a flight path right on the tail of an enemy plane to follow that plane. Your own fighter will then try to close in and get in a good firing position. Watch your angle, though! Your pilot can’t lock on a target if you don’t approach it from behind!

- If your device supports Game Center, you can enable the Game Center functionality of A.C.E.S. by tapping the symbol in the lower right corner of the main menu.

- You can deploy newly unlocked planes in the profile screen. You always start a stage with Spades and Diamonds. Clubs and Hearts will join the fray after a while.

———- NEWS ———-

22,000 downloads in one day! A.C.E.S. made it into the Top charts in the US, France, China, Italia, and many other countries around the world! It was featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the US, Canada, and Japan, and the “What’s Hot”-list in Germany. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!


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