Ace Shot!

Ace Shot!

Ace Shot! serves up the next level to the 3D ping PONG experience that takes quick hands and a sharp brain to become champion of the arena! Bounce, return, curve, chase, add/subtract, mind-alter your way through level after level of unique game play mechanics.

· Ultra-smooth high fidelity tilt gameplay with full upright accelerometer control or touch controls.

· Over 60 plus levels challenging both your right and left brain

· From fast reflex 3D arcade style ping PONG to mind busting brain teasers and frantic micro-games

· Play through different progressively challenging levels to gain ULTIMATE VICTORY!

· Throw out the clock and go free for all in Practice mode

· Pushes a blazing 60 frames a second

· Rad dynamic original sound tracks

· Open Feint Support!

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