ACC Solitaire HD [ Yukon ] Free – classic card games

Do you need challenge? This is simple soliltaire game, which is easy to learn, but still challenging, try it for yourself. !!! After few days play, I like this solitaire a lot !!!


(A) means foundation piles, these piles you collect all cards at ace to kings. You can move cards here only one card at a time. Each suit collected their own pile.

(K) means game piles. You can move any number of cards at K pile to any other K pile if number is one smaller and color is red to black or black to red. At empty K pile you can move only kings.


+ easy gameplay
+ scoring system
+ game center
+ simple rules
+ quite solvable solitaire, but still challenging
+ unlimited undo
+ game statistic


We have also made other awesome games, so type ”codecube brothers” to iTunes search field and you can find our other games, which are already available in the appstore! Happy gaming! :)


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