Absolute Ponkk Pocket

Play tennis on your iOS-Device in a manner you’ve never done before.


It´s played like a classic Breakout-style game, scoring is as in tennis.
In the training mode, you must win two sets to win the match.
When playing against Grace, Miss Fly or David, best of five is played like a Grand Slam tournament, meaning you must win three sets to win the match. The decisive fifth set is played to the end – no tie-break.

– Improve your skills.
Play best-of-three matches against the trainer.

– Are you ready for honour and glory?
Play against Grace, Miss Fly and David in best-of-five matches.

– Don´t forget the Five Rules for Getting the Trophies

(1) Clean smutch and dirt from your screen and keep your finger nice and supple.
(2) Aim well and keep your rallies short. The quicker you win a match, and with as little strokes as possible, the higher your score is.
(3) Don´t give away any points. The longer you play successfully, the faster your returns become, the quicker you can carry victory home.
(4) Set your new personal top speed records.
(5) Concentrate before each serve. Time between rallies is not counted, so stay cool.

– Game Center Support
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Enjoy the incredible soundtracks by DJohn

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