ABOVE – Insanely Addictive!

The ultimate climbing experience for your iPhone & iPod Touch is here!
Check out the ABOVE trailer at: www.axolotgames.com

TouchGen: – “Playing Above is such a joy, and if you are prone to get hooked on casual run and jump games you are in for a treat.”

TouchArcade: – “Insanely intricate art style that really puts other games in the genre to shame”

AppGamer: – “The game is instantly playable and addictive as hell”

Touchaholics: – “In a world where good, original games are increasingly hard to find on the iPhone platform, Above delivers”

A pair of mysterious platforms aiming towards the sky have appeared! It’s your mission to see how far up you can explore without falling. Above is a new type of platform game that delivers simple, addictive and fun gameplay. It’s all about timing your jumps right, thinking fast and tackling different types of obstacles, and all you need is one finger to do it all!

* Simple controls with deep gameplay
* Fantastic high detail graphics and animation
* Procedurally generated levels for infinite replay value
* Unlockable secret and achievements
* Groovy adrenalin-pumping soundtrack
* Three exciting and long levels to master
* Post your score on Facebook & Twitter
* Share strategies with other players in the in-game community

Website: www.axolotgames.com

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