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(Dr. Peet’s) ABCBuddy provides QWERTY keyboarding practice for beginning writers, and better yet, it’s fun! ABCBuddy is the perfect preparation for “talkwriting2read” with (Dr. Peet’s) WritingBuddy on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This free app is designed to help beginning writers find letters on the onscreen keyboard, at the same time giving them a laboratory for letter recognition. ABCBuddy makes it easy and fun to work on the differences between W and M, Y and T, S and X, etc.

Prewriters who have our “talkwriting” tool, WritingBuddy (find in Apple App Store)can really speed up their letter search time by playing with free ABCBuddy. No requirements – just play for a while, go back to writing and using what you write with WritingBuddy, and then come and play some more!

Beginning writers really enjoy the fun of hearing a funny or congratulatory little soundbite as a reward for finding the target letter. We allow a total of four repetitions per letter before the beginning writer must touch the arrow to change to another target letter.

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