ABC Baby – City Playground – 3 in 1 Game for Preschool Kids – Learn Names and Pronunciation of Different Vehicles

#### It’s amazing how fast they can learn vehicle names with this app ####

#### Warning: This game was tested on kids! :) ####

ABC Baby – City Playground is a set of 3 games and activities for preschool kids and babies.
Equipped with pleasing graphics and animations, helps kids to learn names of means of transportation through fun and games. Game designs include pictograms – also kids that don’t read yet can have fun and learn.

Reviews from our testers

@ I love to guess names, especially zeppelin and motorcycle, Gaby, 4 y/o@
@ It’s so supreme to watching TV, Kate, mom of 3@

Designed activities aim to improve memory, perceptual motor skills, attention and concentration of youngest players. The interface is easy enough even for babies below 1 year old. Ideal for ages 0 to 6. Learn through fun and games by sight, sound and touch!

**** Set of educational games include ****

## Learning mode – learn all the popular vehicle names and pronunciation

## Quiz – point which vehicle it is

## Memory game – turn over pairs of matching vehicles. Designed in 3 different difficulty levels for all ages.

@@@Also great for non-english speaking kids@@@

ABC Baby – City Playground is also great for non-english speaking children, allowing them to learn basics of English vocabulary and spelling. Start your kids education today with ABC Baby – City Playground.

Note: This free game is supported with ads. If your kid likes this game, please support us by rating the app in the App Store. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the game, feel free to e-mail us.

This free game includes in-app purchase which removes all ads from the game.

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