☆ Flex your math muscles on a Math Tour around the world! ☆

You start your tour in North America. Unlock more regions like Europe and Oceania.

Compete with other players in Game Center.

‘Math Tour’ is a game for all ages!

There are level for children and for grown ups.
Kids can play against their parents in multiplayer mode.
Due to individual difficulty settings this can be demanding for the parents as well.

✔ Level for Kids and for Grown Ups
✔ Single-Player Mode
✔ Multiplayer Mode with individual adjustable handicaps
✔ Career Mode
✔ Online Leaderboards / Game Center
✔ Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
✔ Fractions, factorials and Roman numerals
✔ High Scores
✔ Bonus Levels
✔ Time Bonus
✔ Infinite time option (for small children)

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