ABABA Monsters

We need your help to feed the monsters !
“ABABA Monsters” is a fun game to test your reflexes. You have to feed the monsters correctly. One is vegetarian and the other one is carnivorous.
Avoid feeding the carnivorous with vegetable or feeding the vegetarian with meat otherwise they lose energy.
Avoid also feeding the monsters with toxic product.
But don’t forget that both need also to drink water. Once one monster doesn’t have enough water or food, he died.
At begin it’s simple, tilt your iPhone to drive the first selector, use the slider to drive the following selectors. At the end, you need to be fully focused on large amount of food you need to manage.
The best among you, can put its score online.

Tilt to drive the first selector
slider to drive the following selectors
4 levels
Online Score for last level
Full 3D design
Realistic 3D physic Engine

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