A to Z – The Road Trip Game

A to Z – The Road Trip Game is a take on the classic family vacation pastime: the Alphabet Game. The app keeps track of the target letter for multiple players as well as offers three unique game variations (Classic, Full-Contact, Cricket) for more challenging play.

After selecting a game variation and naming your game, just choose the number of players and enter their names and you’re off and running.

No-Argument Scorekeeping
Keeping track of who is on which letter is a breeze! Just tap your screen to advance each player’s letter. The game allows for breaks and resumption of a game in progress.

Victory Archive
Upon completing a game, you can store the results in the Victory Archive. Did dad come out on top during the drive to grandma’s house? Did sis win during the trip to the beach? With A to Z the bragging rights are forever!

Keep It Fresh and Fun – Choose from 3 Game Variations
The first player to spot words in roadside signs that begin with each of the letters of the alphabet in order, wins! Signs, bumper stickers, truck names … any word you can see from your car counts. Series of letters like license plates don’t count unless it’s a “vanity” plate. Players “call” their letters in the fashion of “A – Apple” and then record the “score” on the board. The first player to work through all the letters in order and reach and find a “Z” word wins!

Similar to the Classic version, but this variation lets you to go on the offense against other players. You may “block” them by finding and calling the letter that they are currently working on. They may only remove the “block” and continue to work on their letter by beating you to calling a letter that you’re working on. Once the “block” is removed, the game proceeds. An unlimited number of “blocks” may be called by any player throughout the course of the game.

In this variation to the Classic, players may work on letters in ANY order, but prior to proceeding to the next letter of their choice, must find and call three appearances of that letter. Players get “free spaces” for the letters Q, U, X and Z. The first to fill the board with all the other letters wins.

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