A Tiny Space Race – Free Endless Racing Game

The Fate Of The Human Race Depends On You In The Tiny Space Race! Its time for you to jump in your ship and brave almost certain death as you battle blazing suns, high speed planets and deadly enemy ships.

Here is your mission if you so choose to accept it:

1. Collect as many fuel cells as possible… if not you will run out of fuel and be left to the mercy of your enemies. Word of advice… COLLECT THE FUEL CELLS!

2. Avoid as many obstacles as possible. You only have enough parts for a few repairs so too many collisions and you become Space Salad.

3. Share you score with friends and challenge them to compete in the Tiny Space Race. Let’s see who is most worthy of such an important mission.

Along the way you get to enjoy these great game features:

– Amazing old-school graphics
– Addictive game play
– Custom soundtrack that will keep you pumped and ready to rock
– A sense of belonging… a feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself… viewed and treated like the hero you always dreamed of becoming! ;)

Download Tiny Space Race today, save the human race from destruction then leave a review and let us know what you think! And remember…

Tiny Space Race – The Free Endless Racing Game, one of the greatest adventures ever is only a download away. Thanks :)

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