A Temple of Dragons – Super Flying Monsters of Thrones

**The BEST Dragon Flying Game FREE on the iOS!!**

**Epic Dragons – Amazing Graphics – Thrilling Music – GREAT FOR KIDS!**

“You should download this game, amazing graphics and gameplay!!!”

Seeking Dragon Masters! Pick your dragon and collect gems in this epic adventure as your dragon flies past other dragons and obstacles trying to knock you down. A free-to-play, non-stop, high-speed action game available for any iOS touch device.

Compete with friends and see who can collect the most gems in multiplayer mode!

Play single player, gather gems, and unlock all the dragons. Be a Dragon Master!


– Fun for all ages.
– Great HD graphics.
– Awesome music and sounds.
– Easy to use controls.
– Specially made for iOS touch devices.
– Online multiplayer – enabled.
– Game Center – enabled.
– Endless hours fun!


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