A Temple And Free Ninja Game: Memory Matchup Multiplayer Edition

OK, so this is war!

****You against the world (or your Facebook friends)!****

Use your memory and solve the puzzle by matching up as many pairs of ninjas, warriors, temple, and weapons as quickly as possible.

If you get 2 pairs in a row, you attack the other players, and spin 2 of their cards around, making it even more difficult for them to remember where each card is.

Invite your Facebook friends to play against you, live, wherever they are in the world. Or, just play against other players from all over the world.

Get onscreen updates of how you are playing, who’s in the lead, and who just attacked you (by getting 2 or more pairs correct in a row).

There are swords, knives, ninjas, soldiers, warriors, throwing stars, a temple, and all of them need to be paired up for you to win.

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