A Tap Tap Battle HD by "Top Best Cool Fun & Free Games"

★ Tap Tap Battle is the ultimate Taping game for the iPhone and iPad.
★ Tap your screen like a banshee to beat your opponent in a 15 second Battle.
★ The winner is whoever gets the most points.

Very simple but very addictive.

Add to that great graphics and a top soundtrack and you have hours of fun.

There are 2 Playing modes. “Training Mode” and “Battle Mode”.

Get battle-ready in “Training Mode” to sharpen your best Battle skills. Then take on your enemy in full “Battle Mode”. No prisoners taken. No quarter given.

Challenge not 1, not 2 but up to 3 opponents at the same time. That’s right soldier, you can take on the world!

Choose between Local Multiplayer with everyone playing on the same device or Battle it out Online vs the World.

Tap Tap Battle is the amazingly cool and funny family game for kids, boys and girls. Be the best, beat the rest!

★ Who is going to be the Ultimate Tap Tap Battle Champion!! ★

See you in the Battle Field!


★ iPad HD Retina display graphics.
★ 2, 3 & 4 Multiplayer Modes
★ Local & Online Multiplayer. Play with everyone on the same device or online
★ Gamecentre compatible to keep track of your High Scores.

★★★ Get it while it’s FREE! ★★★

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