A Spin Art Paint Design Game – Full Version

Do you want to relive some great childhood memories? Do you like to be creative? Do you like art?

If you answered yes, then this app is based on one of our favorite childhood crafts! It’s fun & creative–you’ll spend longer than you think playing with this App! Whether it’s waiting in line at the bank, at the dentist, or on a really boring date, you can always take a spin. Enjoy!

The most amazing Art spin ever developed for your device!

You can create original works of art by choosing:

•The Shape from our unique library
•The Color: not only from a huge colors palette but also tie dye and rainbow brush!
•The size of your brush
•A background from your Native Photo Folder

With an amazing Graphic Interface, and very realistic physics, you will feel like you are actually getting splashed with paint!

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