A Skeleton Story...The Game

A Skeleton Story...The Game is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: A Skeleton Story… The Game

If you saw the trailer for A Skeleton Story (found below) you probably thought what we did: Is this Grim Fandango for the iPhone? Once you get past the gorgeous introductory cutscene, though, you’re left with a pretty standard running and jumping game.

Today’s featured app, which just received some new control schemes in an update, is based on a comic book and developed by the Italian company KF Lab. A Skeleton Story… The Game has you playing as Will, a skeleton detective who has to chase down a black cat over rooftops while shooting at skeleton gangsters. Despite the amazing intro cutscene, this situation is never adequately explained and we were left feeling confused.

Gameplay is very simple: Will can jump and shoot (but frustratingly, not at the same time) and he has to collect coins while closing the distance between him and the escaping cat. Some buildings will also collapse when he approaches them, like in Canabalt. Between levels, you can upgrade your running and shooting abilities. There also seem to be infinite levels of increasing difficulty.

A Skeleton Story… The Game, from our brief time with it, doesn’t seem to do much with the wonderful visual style and setting. The running and jumping gameplay doesn’t at all do the unique-looking characters and world justice. For a buck, it seems like merely an average purchase.