A Scribble Run Free – Retro Doodle Platform Game

**FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME** get drawn onto an action packed page, where you battle ferocious lady bugs, have to avoid really pokey spikes, and get to collect awesome coins.

Don’t let the simple gameplay of this cool game trick you, it provides perfect entertainment and fulfillment for the casual gamer, who just wants to relax, kick some insect behind, and discover a cool doodled world.

NO In App Purchases. This app is temporarily 100% Free

Scribble Run features richly hand drawn levels, of pure fun.


– Stunning HD Retina Graphics optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
– Simple touch controls
– Collect coins, and avoid deadly spikes
– Run, Jump, Fall and blast your way through the crazy levels
– Free to play, No In App Purchases, so it is SAFE

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