A Plumbers Job



Hit top 25 in South Korea and Russia.
Thousands have already joined this super entertaining game.
Game is growing very quickly by the day.

Players feedback:
* Game is a blast, great fun for all
* Simple, fun and addictive
* Can’t put down till all levels are complete
* A must have game you will definately enjoy, no matter your age

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What happens when theres no water in your house?
Do you wait and wait for someone to shout or would you rather call Freddy!!!

Take the role of freddy the young in-experienced plumber and help him connect pipes to supply water to every house in the neighbourhood. Use and connect all the pipes to let the water flow.

A Plumbers Job is a unique game which will bring hours of fun to all ages.
Freddy is ready… Are YOU ?

Nice cartoon graphics.
Great sounds and soothing music.
Really simple and elegant UI design to make game suitable and addictive for everyone.
Very easy to play, but challenging at the same time.
No need to rotate pipes, (easier for everyone)
50 levels of non-stop fun.
Compete with others in the Leaderboards.
Really addictive gameplay, (has that can’t put down element)
A must have pipe puzzle game.
More levels and much more to come in next update.

Just touch on the pipes to select them and place on to the grid.
Touch the ones on the grid to remove.
Your aim is to connect all pipes from the tap to the house so that the water can flow.
Make sure you use all the pipes in order to advance to the next level.
Water will start flowing slowly but will increase its speed over time.

Dark shaded pipes cannot be moved or removed.
Pipes with water cannot be removed either.

Hope A Plumbers Job is great fun for you.

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I always welcome new ideas and suggestions to any of my games.
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Support a developer who cares about his players.


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