A Monkey Mafia – Pro Fruit Blast Clan Takeover of Kong Jungle Racing Game

Take Over Kong Jungle with the Baddest Monkey Mafia Clan!!!

Beware – Highly Addictive!!!

Help Mighty Monkey! He’s a slick monkey in cool shades and he’s part of the Monkey Mafia! Help them as they take over Kong Jungle by throwing endless fruit at the incoming animals. Hold down for unlimited fruit blasting action packed fun!!

Multiplayer fun! – Play online with your Facebook friends!!

So easy to control! Run through the jungle and throw bananas, watermelons, lemons and so much more!

Endless Gameplay Fun for the Entire Family!

Collect golden coconuts to unlock Mighty Monkey’s Mates!


Chumpy Chimp – He blasts watermelons like no other!!

Smooth-Talking Ape – he’s got some awesome lemons!!

Then there’s Gorilla Beast and his super secret weapon that will help you really take over Kong Jungle!

Try to keep up and avoid leopards, snakes, rhinos, crocs and so much more!!!!

Don’t miss out on this great game. Download A Monkey Mafia today!

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