A Maze Ing Labyrinth

A Maze Ing Labyrinth is a labyrinth maze game that challenges your brain to find the right and only path to the finish point, with only a help of a maze map. For those who loves a brain challenge.

The screen where you control on the gameplay, only gives you a small view of the whole maze (take a look at the screenshots below), this gives your brain the challenge on remembering the path that you need to figure out with the only help of a maze map that only tells you where the starting and the finish point is, but the position you’re at and the direction you need to go is your job on figuring it out and remembering. Don’t let the maze defeat you or you will get totally LOST. Go use your best way to think on solving all the mazes.

This game has nothing to rush on, you could just take your time, there is no time limit in this game. So do enjoy this game while enjoying your cup of tea, coffee, or other favorite drink and snack like chips, cookies, or muffins maybe? Play it anywhere at anytime, while relaxing, while waiting for something or someone, maybe on your rest time at work or study, or on your time to have some fun. Turn on your iTunes, play the game while listening your favorite music.

This game keeps you concentrate, forcing your brain to think, but without anything to rush on. This game is about getting to the finish point or getting completely LOST. With super smooth high resolution graphics, looks superb with the Retina Display, and relaxing low contrast colors. Enjoy the game.

– Top Mobile Labyrinth Game in various countries.
– The largest labyrinth maze game available on the App Store.

Reviews :

Real Maze ★★★★★
This game is what I’d want & expecting from a labyrinth/maze game. This game is a real maze game, where players can be completely lost or find them self on a dead end if they aren’t smart enough, & not lose just because of some stupid obstacle or a time out. I always play this on my resting time from work. I love using my brain.
by JohnChessMaster – Version 1.1 – Aug 07, 2012

– High resolution graphics
– Retina Display support
– 4 small size (easy/ warm up) mazes
– 4 medium size (normal) mazes
– 4 large size (hard) mazes
– 1 super large (insane!!) maze
– More mazes will be added on updates
– Hundreds of hours of thinking

New in version 1.2 :
Bug fixed and improved game performance.

There is also the kids/children version of this game, for your little kids to play, go check “A Maze Ing Kids”, available on the App Store.

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