a man escape

★★★《a man escape》是IOS平台上首款趣味动作解谜闯关游戏!紧张刺激的越狱快感以闯关解谜形式全新呈现,简单的操作让你轻松上手,享受挑战自我带来的超凡体验★★★


★★★ 硬派画面绚丽体验—动感硬派的游戏画面带你领略绝处逢生,逃出生天的无穷快感!★★ ★




★Game Play★

One shot.
One opportunity.
To escape from a dark and horrific concentration camp.
One moment.
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

★★★WARNING:highly addicted!!!Be careful!!★★★


★Get thrilling pleasure through escaping a dark and horrific concentration camps!★
★Enjoy the extraordinary experience by challenging yourself!★
★Easily control by tabbing the control pannel!★
★Intense rhythms and vibrant music will drive you crazy!★
★Massive puzzle levels will make you satisfied—-namely cells, sewers and caves,3 totally different settings and 90 increasingly complex levels are waiting for your challenge!★

★With addictive gameplay and unlimited levels it will never let you down!★

★This opportunity comes once in a lifetime,you’d better never let it go!★


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