A Lollipop alooza! FREE

Lollipops, sweet candy on a stick!

Make Giant Swirl Pops, Mold Shaped Lollipops and Pops with Chewy Toffee Centers from scratch! It’s so much fun!

There’s a wide variety of candy flavors, candy molds and colorful sticks as well as a huge selection of sprinkles and candy toppings to add the finishing touches to your sweet treat.

There’s plenty to tempt your tastebuds and “Lollipopalooza” offers a perfect opportunity for artistic expression in a delicious way. Channel your inner artist and create your own signature lollipop.

Choose from..
* 3 Styles of Lollipops:
-Giant Swirl Pops,
-Mold Shaped Lollipops,
-Pops with Chewy Toffee Center
* 14 Candy Flavors and 11 Flavors of Swirl Pops
* 43 Candy Molds
* 72 Candy Stick Styles, Designs & Colors
* 15 Flavors of Candy Dip Coatings
* 30 Candy Sprinkle Colors & Styles
* 24 Candy, Cookie and Brownie Toppings with 15 Flavors each! Thats 360 Topping Choices!!
* 7 Toffee Center Flavors
* 17 Icing Styles with 15 Flavors each! That’s 255 to pick from!
* 20 Fun and Whimsical Stickers in 15 different colors! That’s 300 to choose from!
* High quality, mouth watering graphics
* Authentic step by step realistic cooking from scratch.

Everyone likes a sweet ending, eat your lollipop bite by bite! It looks so real!

You can share it via Email it or save it to your photo library.

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