A Jigsaw Puzzle

50% sale.
If you are interested in customized game and puzzles, this jigsaw puzzle is made for you.

The puzzles you can play in this game is more than those traditional puzzle created by our developers. Guess what, this time you got the chance to create puzzles of your own. You can share it with your friend or challenge them with the puzzle you created.

Puzzle has been recognized as an extraordinary brain developing and practicing activity since the day it was born. It works well on training human’s memory and reasoning ability. During the game, people can also learn how to win with patient. Playing with

You can get a map from:
a. default map database
b. Iphone picture pool (you can choice any picture saved in your iphone as your puzzle script.)
c. instant photo
You can have the “freshest” puzzle any time and place. you can turn a photo picture you just took into a puzzle right away.

Imagine that how much more fun you will have when you are recording your memory by looking at the picture in puzzle.

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