A Iron Punch 3D

Battle 3D through dangerous aliens become the Hero!
Fast paced 3D Shooting action,
Battle3D 2: Iron Punch – on your iPhone.

Game Play Video:

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The Earth was invaded by aliens.
In Andromeda 1 million light years away from the Sun.
The mutant humanoids had a mighty army and conquered the Earth in just 3 days.
Destroy all enemies that enter the atmosphere of Earth!

– OpenGL 3D graphics with realtime dynamic lighting.
– A 3D shooter game that anyone can easily play!
– You can upgrade your robot, weapons and skills.
– Authentic shooter feel. There is an excellent button-tapping feel.
– The stylish robot battles that you can experience brilliant action.
– Featuring a robust A.I. system with a variety of enemy attack.
– The game features a realistic missile trajectory system.
– Play it like an authentic arcade shooter like in console amusement arcade games.

– You can move your robot that tilt or touch controller.
– Cartoon-rendering characters and backgrounds made from real photographs.
– MUSIC: Various Back-Ground Musics by the best game and movie music composer: AKINATZ.

Support Information:
Please contact us.
Email: naomicsoft@gmail.com

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