A hurry Xmas – free xmas fun

Antonio and his brother ‘Dödel’ are the Heros of this nice and cute Christmas season game. Help them to master their Xmas challenges.

* Sleigh: fill the Xmas sleigh
* Xmas Tree: Decorate the Xmas Tree
* Smokestacks: Distribute the gifts
* Xmas Socks: Give the presents to the kids


*Beautiful comic style graphics
*Sparkling multicolor particle effects
*animated Snow flakes
*Joyful Christmas season music
*realistic object-behavior with physics-engine

Play this challenges with 3 different levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The higher levels will contain some surprises ;)

Game play is very easy: just throw the presents to the right place. To do this, touch the screen at the right position and Antonio’s brother starts throwing the presents to the direction you tell him. But also think about the wind which is coming either from left or right with different strength (indicator is at top left). The higher on top of the window you touch the stronger Dödel throws the present. Also goes the weight of the present into the calculation of the trajectory. So it’s a good idea first to train a little bit to find the right position to get the perfect trajectory.

This game is a great fun for the hole family and even young kids have a great pleasure playing it.

This free version is with some ads from our sponsors to give it away for free. Just buy the paid-version if you prefer to play without ads.

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