A Heroic Adventure of Mr. Awesome and Friends Pro – Top Flying Villain Shooter for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

!! Real-Time Multiplayer Is Coming Soon !!

The heroic fans of Mr. Awesome say:

* “I love the superhero theme of this game!” * (Five Stars!)
* “fun and challenging!” * (Five Stars!)
* “simple in that old school kind of way” (Five Stars!)

Meet Mr. Awesome and Friends – the newest and toughest bunch of Superheroes on the App Store! Get ready to kick ass in an urban environment, shoot up some bad guys and collect a whole lot of sweet, green cash!

Check out the screenshots for maxed out awesomeness!

In the Heroic Adventure of Mr. Awesome and Friends you will:

– Fight off evil super villains in an urban environment!

– Collect money to unlock new Heroes!

– Enjoy endless gameplay to keep you busy!

– Take Action of the Game Center Leaderboard – Are You Hero Enough To Climb The Ranks Higher Than Your Friends?!

Remember to fight crime with Mr. Awesome and Friends today!

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