A Garden Mouse Grass Cutting Fun – Full Version

“Do you like high speed interactive challenging racing games? Then discover this wild & out-of-control high-speed lawnmower & accelerate your way through the backyards of your neighbors, racing at breakneck speeds dodging obstacles like expensive gardens, pets, patio furniture, water features, swimming pools & much more.

Keep your power munching high speed mower whipping the grass for as long as possible to achieve the greatest distances, highest scores & energy boosts!

Go to the inn-app performance store to customize your power mower & then challenge your friends on FaceBook & Twitter for a race!

FEATURES & Highlights:

•Motion-controlled mower
•High-Speed action racing
•Power-ups and points to choose from as you mow
•Randomized backyard racetracks
•Customize your machine in the performance store
•Challenge others to beat your racing abilities”

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