A Eating Game (Eat It)

Imagine that you get home from work, exhausted and starving. You sit at the dinner table and as usual there’s no food on the plate. You doze off and suddenly you see food floating across the table. Hamburgers, french fries, shakes. You try to reach for them but your arms are numb. How can you get them? Use your tongue, of course! For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

You have three levels, 60 seconds each, to attain the highest score possible.

After you start the game, touch anywhere on the screen. Your tongue will shoot to the top of the screen and snatch a snack. The App will remember your highest score and display it on the bottom of the screen.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you encounter any problems, please send an email to support@fuzEnavl.com

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