a Domino Pop

Domino pop is the game that you need to place bombs on the block to pop those blocks subsequently like Domino.

In Domino pop, once you click time-bomb, it pops immediately.
The pop range of this bomb is 8-surrounded blocks.
All bombs must be placed in the pop range.

* Normal bomb pops 8 surrounded blocks,
* Super bomb pops 12 surrounded blocks.
* Cross bomb pops whole line as horizontal and vertical.

You need to place time-bomb first and all other bombs in order like Domino.

If you want to know the pop range, you can click ‘hint’ button.

Domino pops gives you 3 modes.

******** *********

No time limit, pop all blocks with the less amount of bombs


With the given time, pop all blocks with the less amount of bombs

******* ********

You can have selection of size of the board, number of blocks and bombs.

**** Characteristics of Domino pop ****

* Cutie and attractive graphic
* Selection of 3 modes
* Enjoy your own customized play in Free mode
* Online ranking system