A Diaper Baby Pop – Full Version

If you have a little baby, and want to make them happy in no time, then you will love this app! Play this fun game with your kids and help them steer the seesaw to pop Diapers! There is something interesting about making things disappear, you get sense of completion and a I WIN feeling!

A favorite game for KIDS everywhere! Parents love it too….

Work your way through many levels of diaper popping experience. Pop all the diapers in level to pass onto the next one. The teeter totter throws the babies back and forth and uses them to pop the diapers.

✓ Tilt your device back and forth to steer the teeter totter and catch the babies so one shoots the other one up into the air.
✓ POP all the diapers to pass the level
✓ Earn different diapers colors over time
✓ Get a golden diaper for repeat game play
✓ Compete in game center scoreboards for highest score

Good for all ages and devices

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