A Cup 魚蝦蟹

農曆新年又到啦!!吃過團年飯後,大家會做什麼呢?難得大家聚首一堂,當然就是跟大家一起玩遊戲最開心啦,而魚蝦蟹就是農曆新年不可決小的遊戲之一,遊戲玩法簡單,畫面精緻,有多款選擇,老少皆宜,只要擲出的骰子圖案越多,賠率越多,例如: 擲出的骰子出現三次魚的圖案,就會是一賠三。既可增加節日氣氛,又可在節日中增添趣味,最重要是大家玩得開心,增進感情,過一個嘻嘻哈哈的農曆新年^v^。如有任何意見歡迎題出!!


Chinese New Year is coming!! What would you do after have your Family Dinner? It’s hardly to have a chance to have time to meet your family; Of course, you will be playing games together. “Fish Prawn Crab”, is one of the “A Must” game for Chinese New Year, simple, easy , fun, pretty graphic, multi theme, suit all ages, The object of the game is to predict which combinations of faces will appear on 3 dice. This is a game of pure luck. The ayouts are as follows: 1 face (1x), 2 faces (2x), 3 faces (3x).. Not only you can win your game, but also win your friend-ship. The most important thing is that you are having a having FULL FuN Chinese New Year.

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