A Crazy Speed Racing HD – Real Nitro Arcade Car Game – Free

This Crazy Speed Racing brings you classic, arcade racing at it’s best – With endless gameplay that allows for hours of adrenaline-pumping, addictive 3D action as you rip along the racetrack !

* 6 Different cars to choose from so you can stay in your toes as you learn different racing styles

* Speed, weight and handling components for each car means it will take a new blend to master each of them

* Varied difficulty settings and different sounds tracks to choose ensures that racing never gets dull!

* Immersive 3D graphics for an authentic racing experience

* Intuitive user-interface means you won’t have any hassle getting started

* No learning curve! Instinctive controls means users of all ages can pick it up and play!

*Stunning race tracks for an engaging visual landscape every time you hit play

Get ready to burn it up on the racetrack !


For support or to contact the developers email us at:

Website: http://instaappsllc.com/contact/


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