A Christmas Tree Maker HD!

* A Christmas Tree Maker!!! *
Make Your Own Christmas Tree!
Supports all versions of iPad

Enjoy the holidays this year and build your own special Christmas Tree! Decorate it with lights, balls and globes, bows, ornaments, and much more! Even choose the topper!

First, choose what kind of tree you want. Big, tall, short, green, or white. Your choice! Next, decide how you want to decorate it. Want to cover it in lights or bows? Want an angel or star as the topper? It's up to you! Choose colors, ornaments, and more!

Make your own Christmas Tree today!

Have fun with your new Christmas Tree and save your creations, even send them to your friends.

Make your own Christmas Tree!
Customize your look! Choose your colors, ornaments, toppers, and more.
Save your tree and send to friends.
Easy to use and fun for all ages.

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