A Caveman Run

You can run – but you can’t hide: in A Caveman Run!

A Caveman Run is the exciting adventure straight from the past. In this addictive running game, you play as a caveman running for his life! See, our ancient crew are on the hunt to get the mystical golden coins that were stolen from them when the animal attacked! Now, it’s your job to get them back!

The mysterious golden coins were found in an ancient tomb by Curious Arthur when he was…well…being curious! Little Sussie, Stealthy Baby and Baby Dino were shocked to see them when Arthur returned to their beloved cave! However, the animals wanted the shiny coins for themselves – so they entered the cave and stole them; now it’s up to the furious four to get them back. The rats have scattered the coins around the ancient island so that the gang will never find them – your challenge is to collect them as you run and jump from platform to platform!

Your challenge is not going to be easy – as obstacles lay in your path! The rats want to keep their stolen jewels and you want them back! Jump the grassy platforms and avoid the animals as they block your path. Beware as the game will soon start to speed-up as you collect more of the golden coins. Run for your life and show the animals that you own the golden coins!

Tap to jump over the animals and hop over the floating platforms! Enjoy wonderful background music and stunning cartoon graphics in an ancient adventure! Play as Little Sussie, Stealthy Baby, Baby Dino or Curious Arthur!
Share your high score on Game Center for your friends and family to beat – can they handle A Caveman Run?

A Caveman Run is an endless and addictive race to get back your precious golden coins!

– Crazy characters and addictive gameplay!
– Unlock all 4 characters!
– Great for the whole family to play!
– Get back your precious golden coins!
– Enable Kids Mode for truly endless gameplay!
– Share your score on Game Center!

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