A Carol – Gangnam Style edition Free

t’s simple, addictive, fun !!!
Throw Gangnam Style bubbles and match colors to pop and drop your way to victory!
This game is a parody of Gangnam Style. We hope you enjoy it.

✔ Clear the bubbles by making groups of the same bubble.
✔ Groups of three or more bubbles of the same bubble will fall down.

✔ Simply tap a bubble on the game board, or an empty spot close to it, to fire a bubble towards that spot.
✔ To fine tune your shot, slide your finger left and right anywhere on the screen to first set the direction, then release your finger to launch the bubble.

✔ All available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
✔ Test your bubble-matching agility in a race against time.
✔ Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with powerful new bubbles.
✔ A board of gorgeous floating bubbles with stunning animations
✔ Fantastic graphics and beautiful multi-layered backdrops
✔ Simple controls
✔ Thrilling gameplay
✔ Fun sound effects and a bumping sound track!
✔ Multiple obstacles and distractions
✔ Multiple stages – try to reach the edge of space and beyond!
✔ Unlock all kinds of awesome new characters to play with!
✔ Dozens of achievements for maximum score!
✔ Catch items & coins!
✔ Different abilities
✔ Various characters
✔ In a world full of danger!

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