a BooM Lite

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Diggers, the evilest race in the world, are always ruining whatever they see!
Now they’re on the way to your house.
Mount your cannon! Blow them all away!!!

– Keep the Diggers away from your house.
– Sliding on all over the screen can control the angle of the cannon. Don’t touch the bear or the cat, they won’t like to be fire off as birds.
– Automatic fire! Here is no need to operate uninterruptedly. Enjoy the explosions!
– Diverse special cannon shell, One-tap-firing, make sure these Diggers will be hit horribly.
– Upgrade system, exactly helpful to fight against the more and more powerful enemies.
– And the Mines! Buy some Mines, Then No one can touch you!
– God of Rich, the richest Diggers in the world. If see one, just fire at it!

If you like this game, please write down a review, for the better updates.
Have fun :)

Full Version Features:
– game center rank
– higher cannon levels with different physical form
– more waves with more poweful enemy
– infinity mode to be challenged
– several rounds with higher difficulty waves to be challenged
Full Version: https://itunes.apple.com/app/a-boom/id558196893?mt=8

Contact us:
Email: guizi.friends@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jiabanmao.com

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